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Amie has been described as a 'delightfully odd broad'.

You will find that pretty much sums up Amie Burke. A freelancer creative who writes, performs, and creates various forms of art.

As a professional creative freelancer, Amie knows strategic communications. As a former radio host and talent, Amie compiled over 20 years of compelling multimedia communication sophistication. While serving in various leadership roles, she has developed an expertise for being both technical and creative. She is a savvy community cultivator and researcher, who thrives in launching and reviving brands of various trades. 


Amie hails from her hometown of Flint, Michigan, where she currently resides and provides consulting services to local business clients. Amie helps her clients in strategically creating content that is effective and creative that will align with client goals. She also utilizes her extensive professional expertise and top research skills to deliver results. 


In her off-line life, she is a writer, roller derby skater, performer, collage artist, and vintage art collector.

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